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I was tagged by :iconshamaneileen: 

1) Top 12 favorite Pokémon: 

I don't really have "favorite pokemons" apart from my team, which is the next (and which is made for both double and single battles and which could also kill you whatever team you have -cause I'm obviously better than you [any of you]-):

1. Alakazam > Gengar > Tyranitar > Flygon > Volcarona > Blissey

And then I have my childhood team which was: Swampert > Sceptile > Blaziken > Ampharos > Altaria > Mewtwo

So if I have to choose, then: Alakazam > Gengar > Tyranitar > Flygon > Volcarona > Blissey > Ampharos > Swampert > Haxorus > Vespiqueen > Crobat > Gardevoir > Aggron (I know, they're 13. I don't care)

2) Favourite type?
I don't have any favourite type, but I don't like fire pokemons. Just because everyone chose the fire type starter and they thought they were cooler than me (=water/grass always) so fuck em all.

By the way I've always liked psychic, ghost, dark, normal, and poison types. 

3) Favorite dual-typing pokemon?

If I have to choose...  maybe Spiritomb or Sableye because they're really hard to kill. Zapdos too. But I've always gone with the pokemons whose designs I liked more so for me whatever from question 1.

4) Favorite generation?
1 and 3. I've always thought 2 was something in between that doesn't really fit too much, sorry...

5) What generation did you start playing pokemon with?
1 and 3 LOL (FR/LG and Esmerald)

6) Are you a genwunner?
Mostly yes... X/Y completely sucks. Please, just look at Litleo (concetrate in its face, and then go to its EYES) and compare it with Growlithe. 

I'm not saying that any of the new pokemons are cool, there are some which are really great, just look at question number 1, but mostly not.

7) Favorite duel-typing?
Psychic + Ghost (Alakazam & Gengar lol)
Rock + Ground (Tyranitar & Flygon)
Bug + Normal (you know...)

8) What do you think of Nuzlockes?
I don't know, I'm not very into them but I guess they're cool. Yep.

9) Favorite nuzlocker? 
See 8).

10) Favorite mega?
Mega Alakazam. BUT, I've got my own issues with Megas. I don't think they're senseless by themselves, BUT the ridiculous fact that you something like "alakazite" and some kind of bracelet in your arm and then ONLY in battles you can make your pokemon evolve is so disgusting. It would be much better if the system would have been completely different, like I don't know... Maybe could only happen with a lot of compenetration with your pokemon, or under special circumstances or whatever. THIS IS POKEMON NOT DIGIMON PLEASE.


Feel free to do it cause I'm not gonna tag, BUUUUUUUUUUT, I'm gonna challenge :iconshamaneileen: in cause I have never ever done this with her and it can't be that we're friends since... whenever and we haven't battled yet. SO let's build your team girl.

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